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A customer cruises the loop, picks a prostitute, agrees on a price, veers off the loop to the garages, selects an empty box, does the deed, pays and says .

Sex box workers pay around a day to rent a space, but by early next year, the facility will be rent-free.

Until 2013, the Sihlquai area along the river was Zurich’s most popular district for johns in cars.”On the fanciest streets of old-town Zurich, you’ll see brothels and live video-booth erotica shows nestled among luxury cashmere and watch boutiques.The hip Langstrasse district around Zurich’s Town Hall is a strip club hub that used to be known for drugs and prostitution.It turns right, and I’m on a paved, looping track about the size of a football field.Lining the track are 10 covered wooden sheds (about 10 feet apart) about the size of a typical bus shelter. The cost of services varies, depending on bartering between the sex worker and the client.

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The button sounds an alarm throughout the entire pavilion and a flashing light inside the box in question.

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